Blocktacular is a fun and unique puzzle game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We are continually working to actively develop new features, fix bugs, and generally improve the game.

If you have any problems with the game, questions, concerns, or any other feedback of any kind please let us know here, on our support hub.

Also, if you have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see implemented we would love to hear your ideas! Make sure to vote for the ideas that you like the most, and encourage your friends and family that play Blocktacular to join in the ongoing dialogue as well.

Thank you for supporting independent game development, and evilBlue Studios.
Gr8m8again 4 years ago • updated by EvilBlue Studios 4 years ago 1
Firstly, love the game and am going to upgrade to the full version. However re the colours on Blackout, the green and red? squares to someone like me who is colour blind (reds and greens) are difficult to distinguish and before too long spoil the enjoyment of the game.....I think I have 4 in a row but actually have a 3 +1. Anything you van do in the next upgrade?
Also the upgrades detailed in the iPad all show full versions at 3 different prices but cannot find any info on what differences therebare in each pack. Help appreciated.
Sorry you did not achieve ' top banana' @ Mashable, so how about a new version of Blocktacular involving those Angry Birds as they seem to be into everything ?
All the best,
Dpp58 4 years ago • updated by EvilBlue Studios 4 years ago 2
The software is installed but I am stilled locked out of everything except blackout and it will not let me purchase the upgrade
evilBlue Studios 4 years ago
Please delete Blocktacular off your iDevice, then download it from the App store and try purchasing it again. Installing the latest update version 1.3, released on 1/17/11 should resolve this issue.
evilBlue Studios 4 years ago
Done, will be in the latest update version 1.3
Sergey Stukov 5 years ago • updated by EvilBlue Studios 5 years ago 3
evilBlue Studios 5 years ago
This has been corrected, and now both the support and contact links on point to our brand new UserEcho helpdesk.

P.S. - How did you find this before I updated the links? ;)
Christopher 4 years ago 0
I pressed a locked game mode button and then pressed the tutorial button. From there, I exit the game and immediately return back into it and the game mode becomes unlocked. bug?